Reciting the Odaimoku and Chanting the Sutra. (Temple & Personal Practice)

cartoon Nichiren Shonin study1.) Reciting the Odaimoku and Chanting the Sutra.  (Temple & Personal Practice).

As I share with you all of the different types of practice that I use to manifest my study of Buddhism. I would like to state that the core of all of my practice is based in “Namu Myoho Renge Kyo”.  I am not simply speaking of the mere recitation of the title of the Lotus Sutra.  I am stating that the core of my study of Buddhism is to uphold and expound the virtues and merits contained in these characters.  In Nichiren Shu this is the core of our practice and all others are auxiliary practices.  However, I do not find them to be separate in my experience.  If we uphold the Odaimoku as our core, all actions and all realms of mind are naturally illuminated by it.

It is significant that I use the word illuminated.  When I chant before the Gohonzon, circle of the universe, I feel the rays of its illumination on my face and body, …”Just as the light of the sun and the moon eliminates all darkness.” -Ch. 21 Lotus Sutra

This believe comes from my experience during Aragyo (100 day Ascetic Practice).  “When all is stripped away and there is no thought left from the mind of ego, even one small ray from the winter sun can give us peace and connect us with our Buddha-nature.”  Truly, I had to find my core to sustain my life, what was there was the Buddha-Dharma of the Lotus Sutra.  Which I believe is, “essence beyond thought”.

The first part of this section that I would like to begin with is reciting the Odaimoku.

The first question that many people ask themselves is, “Why am I doing this?”

That is a natural question and the beginning of finding essence and dropping the mere theoretical state of ones practice.  For some who are stubborn or value their option over even reality, this can take years.

So I ask all of you, “Why are you doing this practice?”

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With Gassho…

About The Rowdy Buddhist

This is the mountain hermitage of the Rowdy Buddhist. A mountain priest of the Hokke Shugen...wandering and perfecting his practice. The door of my hut is always welcome for those who will challenge themselves to live in the Lotus Sutra and want to change their lives to be positive. With Gassho...
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2 Responses to Reciting the Odaimoku and Chanting the Sutra. (Temple & Personal Practice)

  1. xahjk says:

    I am doing it so I can share the joy I feel when practicing with my family and friends.

  2. Sharing the Love and Joy! The true Bodhisattva Way! Thank you for sharing. With Gassho…

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